Founded in 2010 by Maciej Zagozda, Taskscape Ltd is a consortium of several small software companies focusing mainly on building custom business software, specifically software dedicated to managing businesses, projects and finances - built with total of 7M EUR (27M PLN) investments and delivering software to over 200 companies across European Union.

The company is well known for its proprietary project and programme management solutions, including managing revolutionary software for managing project budgeting, financing and invoicing software used by hundreds of companies worldwide.

The company currently serves mainly the life sciences and the medical sector in European Countries like Holland, Poland - managing software architecture in breakthrough medical diagnostics devices and delivering customised financial and logistics software to Poland's most significant healthcare conglomerates and the most significant drug vendors.

  • Certified Professionals
  • Former Chief Executives
  • Project management specialists
  • Software architecture specialists
  • Trusted by healthcare leaders
  • Serving milions of patients

Taskscape Ltd delivers software architecture and software implementation following the most strict software standards, including ISO 9001, ISO 27001, medical software certified by CE MDR in the Europan Union, and the FDA clearance in the United States.

Taskscape Ltd delivers battle-tested security standards, including bespoke server encryption solutions, as well as innovative client encryption, preventing eavesdropping or hijacking business sensitive data by competitors, auditors, as well as regulators and even government agencies.

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