Programming using C# gives developers great flexibility with a modern, general purpose, cross platform, universal programming language. C# is leveraging strong typing, imperative, declarative, functional, generic, object oriented and component oriented programming techniques.

C# code is compiled by an open source compiler that is present in many development envrionments and ported to many development platforms. C# compiler generates Common Intermediate Language (CIL) to provide managed version running along Common Language Runtime (CLR) meaning the language design aids portability by design, as well as memory management.

  • Type Safe
  • Object Oriented
  • General purpose
  • Portable code
  • .NET Framewok
  • Open Source

Language interoperability is a key feature of the .NET Framework. Because the IL code produced by the C# compiler conforms to the Common Type Specification (CTS), IL code generated from C# can interact with code that was generated from the .NET versions of Visual Basic, Visual C++, or any of more than 20 other CTS-compliant languages. A single assembly may contain multiple modules written in different .NET languages, and the types can reference each other just as if they were written in the same language.

C# Open Source Compiler ('Rosylyn') provides rich API for multiple different development environments. This project is part of the .NET Foundation along with other projects like the class libraries for .NET Core and is currently hosted on GitHub:

C# Language

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