Taskscape Ltd offers long term contracts for most of the customers in order to ensure quality, reliability and continuity of designs and services provided to our clients.

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starting at 400 GBP pd

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starting at 500 GBP pd

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starting at 600 GBP pd

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starting at 700 GBP pd

We prefer long term engagement whereas our standard 12+ months rolling contract offers best value as well as the guarantee of the services we would be happy to maintain in a long time.

Shorter fixed-term contracts are also available for the customers who have not been working with us before or who have requirements to deliver or support smaller projects.

Every customer has a guarantee of continual support of every design concept delivered, as well as guarantee of having consultancy services being performed by the same team of consultants throughout the lenght of the contract.

Every customer has a privilege of free credit for up to 44 days past the service delivery and the right to use a flexible credit line at 10 percent per annum for starting every further 30 days of credit.

Taskscape Ltd charges clients with a flat rate based on time and material actually spent on conducing project work or remaining on agreed standby - expressed as billable hours. The fee is charged for every hour of work started and calculated on the following bands:

  • Band A: Senior consultant: €150
  • Band B: Regular consultant: €120

Regular terms of service include seven days grace period for receiving payments for services conducted in a given month. Subject to credit check of a client the grace period can be extended for up to 30 days with a flat 18% interest rate. Payment recoveries are charged with a minimum fee of €750 provided the total effort not exceeding three working hours or charged hourly according to band A rate. Any other managerial and administrative activities are billed according to band A rate.

Travel expenses are calculated based on a flat fee of €2 per every kilometer of travel ranging up to 500 kilometres of distance from the starting point and €1.20 for any travel longer than 500 km - charged on top of the standard rate charged for every hour of travel started. Any travel on a distance exceeding 300 kilometers require charging maximum daily rate for eight hours plus actual accomodation costs incurred for a minimum four star accomodation according to local standards. Any travel on a distance exceeding 500 kilometres require payment for air travel plus maximum daily rate for eight hours, plus actual accomodation costs, as detailed above.

Late payments are charged at 1% daily on any amount outstanding and must be paid within 7 days of notice. Late payments may result in suspension or termination of a contract without any notice period given.

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