Companies looking to build web assembly solutions chose Blazor development because of highly performant, rich and robust features of web assembly. Taskscape developers are experts in Blazor applications delivering feature-packed and highly functional, web assembly applications targeting all major browsers.

WebAssembly (sometimes abbreviated as Wasm) is a low-level assembly-like language, which has a compact-binary format, and can run on all modern web browsers. It is suitable for compilation on the web because it is portable and has an efficient size and load time. It cannot be read or written by humans, as it is in low-level binary format. However, we can compile the code from other high-level languages, such as C#, in WebAssembly to facilitate their execution on the browser. WebAssembly is a subset of JavaScript, and is designed to run alongside JavaScript. It enables us to run code written in high-level languages on the browser at the native speed. WebAssembly runs .NET binaries on the browser using Mono. Mono is an open source .NET runtime, which is based on ECMA standards for C# and the Common Language Runtime (CLR). Mono is sponsored by Microsoft, and allows us to create cross-platform apps using .NET. While executing a Blazor application, the Mono runtime gets compiled to WebAssembly on the browser. WebAssembly is an open web standard and is supported on all major web browsers.

  • Certified Professionals
  • Visual Studio development
  • Web assembly native
  • Blazor components
  • Highly testable
  • Highly extensible

Modern web applications are build around model of single page application (SPA) experience whereas there are no invidual pages or page reloads occur as a user navigates around the user interface. Single Page Application paradigm provides similar experience and performance as its known from the desktop.

We have been developing Blazor applications since the pre-release version - long time before the official first release and we have been delivering Blazor solutions to our clients. Signigicant experience of Blzor skills help with developing of any type of modern applications using most recent Blazor version available.

Blazor features like form validation, dependency injection and data binding provide an interconnected foundation for various database applications developed at lower cost and faster time to market.

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