Taskscape has built innovative project management system called TaskBeat. The developmnet team initially stood behind the infrastructure for the original prouduct, soon to become investor and taking over ongoing software maintenance. Today Taskscape Ltd holds a majority stake in the product actively contributing to ongoing development.

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Zagozda sp. z o.o.

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  • Visual Studio
  • C# Programming
  • Microsoft Azure
  • SQL Server
  • Server configuration
  • Software monitoring

The original software development of the product was conducted internally by the original company with help of external outsourcing company that has provided both: software specification and software services covering the minimum viable product. At the time Taskscape Ltd was delivering staging and production environments as well as end to end testing and monitoring services for ongoing software development efforts.

Taskscape Ltd has joined consortium of companies actively investing into the product leading to its launch and continued to support the product with providing server insfrastructure for both cloud and on-premise deployments of the product.

Three years into the product presence on the market, Taskscape has enhanced its financial presence into the product, as well as provided ongoing software maintenance contracts with active development of both front-end and the back-end to deliver new features requested by the customers.

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Testimonial Author 1

Taskscape Ltd provided the essential services where no other company was capable of providing hosting and monitoring for such actively developed software where initially under great pressure for stability and multiple changes of scope of the product.

Maciej ZagozdaCEO & Founder - Zagozda sp. z o.o.

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