Companies looking to build HTML5 mobile solutions chose AngulasJS development because of highly responsive, interactive, rich and robust HTML5-based features. Taskscape developers are experts in AngularJS mobile applications delivering feature-packed and highly functional, web applications targeting both desktop and mobile.

Angular has become very popular for two reasons: it's developed by Google and natively written in TypeScript developed by Microsoft. Therefore Angular became a de facto standard in web development for the startups and the enterprise delivering excellent performance and testability. Implementing Angular framrwork in many ways future proofs front end development efforts.

  • Certified Professionals
  • Visual Studio development
  • HTML5 native
  • TypeScript native
  • Highly testable
  • Highly extensible

Modern web applications provide single page application experience whereas there are no invidual pages or page reloads occur as a user navigates around the user interface. Single Page Application paradigm provides similar experience and performance as its known from the desktop

We have been developing AngularJS web development skills since the version 0.9 long time before the official first release and delivering Angular solutions to our clients. Signigicant experience of AngularJS skills help with developing of any type of modern applications using most recent Angular version 2, 4, 5 and later.

AngularJS features like form validation, dependency injection and data binding provide an interconnected foundation for various database applications developed at lower cost and faster time to market.

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